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About Dr. Kenneth Khoo...

Dr. Kenneth Khoo is an academic researcher specializing in studying the behavioral and cognitive aspects of Malaysian financial markets. He is also a practicing Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya and is currently attached to the boutique estate planning and corporate computer crime legal practice of Vello and Associates in Penang, Malaysia.

He holds the degrees of Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Laws, Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investment, Master of Finance with Distinction and a Doctor of Philosophy majoring in Behavioral Finance. He is also the author of The Original Malaysian Legal Will Kit, Malaysia's first comprehensive will writing instruction manual as well as the fastest selling book on will writing throughout Malaysia.
He has lectured extensively in the areas of Australian Taxation, Contract Law, Business Law, Accounting Theory, Management and Corporate Finance in the Diploma in Business Studies and Bachelor of Commerce programs at Disted-Stamford College and Deakin University from 2001 to 2006.

He has been the Secretary-General of the SMI Association of Penang since 2003 and currently sits on the committee for constitutional change under the SMI Association of Malaysia. He is also the Secretary of the Penang SME Dialogue Partners, a grouping of associations of economic, business and trade importance within the State of Penang with the main intention of enhancing the level of economic activities within the State.

In the legal sphere, he sits on the management committee of the Legal Aid Centre in Penang and contributes a portion of his legal time to the Centre to provide free legal advice to the financially-disadvantaged section of the community.

He is a qualified accountant by training and is an Associate member of CPA Australia. He has been a member of the Penang Bar and the Malaysian Bar Council since 2001.